Important info

Place: Borša, Ladmovce, Viničky. 

Date: 14th August 2021 8.30am ( Borša).

Start fee: 0 €. For registered participants water, refreshments and wine tasting is prepared. Participant needs to bring his own bottle/cup for water.

Transport: Participants needs to manage transport to the races and to start/finish of the races on their own.


  • Team (Men, women, mix).
  • Team can be connected from minimum of 3 and maximum of 4 participants. Participants can change between disciplines.
  • Individuals (Men, women).

Category results will be announced only in case at least 3 participants/teams will be racing in the category.

Hygiene recommendations: According to rules valid in the date of races.

Security recommendations: All participants are racing on their own responsibility. We recommend preventive health examination before races. Captain of the team has to be at least 18 years old. Youth participants has to have signed aggreement from parents/legal representative. Youth can race in discipline “boat” only together with adult person in boat.
All participants in discipline “boat” needs to be good swimmers, wearing a PFDs is mandatory. PFDs are provided by us.

Environmental recommendations: Organisation of the races is heading to produces as less as possible garbage, noise and disturbance. Because of this please take your own bottle/cup for water (no plastic bottles will be provided). Water and refreshments are provided for registered participants.

Accommodation: Accommodation is not provided. Participants can book accommodation on their own. List of accommodation – Accommodation | Tokaj (

Camping in own tents is possible near finish point in Borša (near open-air theater).



2seated canoe – Tydra – will be used in teams categories. 2 members of the team will race in canoe.
In individuals categories participants can choose between kayak or paddleboard. Boats and equipment will be provided for participants. Wearing PFDs is mandatory. PFDs will be provided to participants. All participants in this discipline have to be good swimmers.
This part of race will take place at river Bodrog from Ladmovce to Borša.


Track is using field and asfalt roads near/inside the Borša municipality.


Track is using field/gravel and asfalt roads near Borša, Viničky, Ladmovce. Recommended type of bicykle is mountain bike, trekking or gravel. Elektric or other type of engine is forbiden. Participants use their own bicycles or can rent a bike from us. Number of bikes available for rent is limited. Transport of bicycles is not provided and needs to be managed by participants (except bicycles provided by us).